Entry #1

Hi all

2008-08-28 06:51:38 by Aforshaw

Hi everyone, I'd just like to post a few words of introduction.

This is my first post on Newgrounds and it's of a game I originally placed on MochiAds. I try to place my games in the old-school arcade game space, in one way or another. I'm a big fan of the classics and have a lot of [procedural] programming experience and am moving across to O-O, slowly...and still using AS2 for my projects for the time being. I try to optimise my games as much as possible within the Flash environment, so I tend to try to use bitmap animations for speed. As I'm not much of a graphical designer I try to use existing assets wherever I can, like bitmap strips (which I rip from old games) or find on public domain spritesheet sites such as The Peoples' Sprites.

Hopefully my games will run fine even on lower-specification PCs so please let me know how they run on your rig if you get a chance!


Forsh (Ant Forshaw)


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